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Let us show you how to OWN A HOME
sooner than you think!

Home Ownership

  • New to Canada 
  • No Credit
  • Too much Loan
  • No Down Payment
  • Lower income
  • Rent vs Own

We got Solutions...

Let us show you how to OWN A HOME sooner than you think!

Let us show you how to PAYOFF YOUR MORTGAGE in less than half the time!

Mortgage Freedom

  • Fixed vs Variable Rate
  • Reduce Penalties
  • Tax Deductible Mortgage
  • Tax Free Refunds
  • Invest SMART
  • Saving Strategies

We got Strategies...


Canadian Mortgage Calculator

At Mortgage Architects, we believe that every homeowner should discuss their situation with a professional Mortgage Broker. A mortgage is one of the biggest decisions Canadians will make, and good advice can mean significant savings over the long term. Use the following calculators to run some scenarios and help you build a list of questions before you meet with a Mortgage Broker.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Determine your monthly mortgage payment, how much interest you will pay, and your principal balances.  You can also view Amortization Schedule, Compare mortgage with 3 difference scenarios or find out Interest savings when applying Pre-Payment privileges.  Click here for calculator

Rent vs Buy Calculator
See if you are better off buying your home, or should you continue to rent.  Click here for calculator

Mortgage Qualifier Calculator
Determine maximum purchase price you can qualify based upon gross family income and monthly liabilities.   Click here for calculator

Disclaimer:  These calculators are for illustration and estimation purposes only. Please contact us at 1-888-927-8270 to discuss your specific situation.



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